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How To Create A Free Bitcoin Wallet[Buy or Sell Bitcoin]

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A bitcoin wallet is website, program or a medium which allows you to receive bitcoins, store them, and then send them to others whether online or offline. For example a wallet in the realm of bitcoins is equivalent to a bank while bitcoin is like your currency[Money] and wallet address is like your bank account number.


What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. In a simple explanation Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.


How To Create A Free Bitcoin Wallet

blochain sign up

Step 1: Create A Bitcoin  Wallet

Visit https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/signup

Type in your correct and working email address

Input your password

Confirm your password.

Click on a small box near to

Finally click on continue.

You will asked to visit your email to see your wallet I.D which you use to login with your password.

NOTE: Wallet Address is different from Wallet I.D

What is Wallet Address

Wallet address is an address which comprises alphabets and numbers which allows you to send or receive payments online. Its like your bank account, take a look a typical example:  17G26miKP9aT7xYu87XWJdeLe9YqckzCG7
which is 34 – 36 character long and starts with 1

What is Wallet I.D

Wallet I.D is an I.D which comprises alphabets, dashes  and numbers which you only use to login with your password

Example: abfd3ddf-1991-6ad5-adb5-a5a03d71fe67

NOTE : Don’t disclose it to anyone because its personal.


Step 2: Locate Your Bitcoin Address.

bitcoin wallet login

Login into your wallet account using your wallet I.D and password by visiting


Carefully watch at the side top of your login, for security reasons you are requested to visit your email to see seek approval of you login. Then go to your email address, click on the link sent there and verify. Come back to login.  After a successful login, click receive money, receive coins or send coin to locate your wallet address.

NOTE : Bitcoin wallet changes after any successful transaction for security reasons

Step 3: Fund Or Buy Bitcoins

Many questions new users ask, one thing is for sure, there are lots of bitcoin sellers either individual or company whether online or offline but few are real while majority are scammers. You know its something you send money before you receive it, sometimes  so called sellers will tell you online that they don’t sell below o.12 BTC equivalent to #50,000[$29] at the time of writing this post. Once you send the money, you can’t see it again. Offline sellers is the people you meet face to face may be you know them. so you can trust them.

How Can You Buy Bitcoin From Us

We sell as well as buy Bitcoin at affordable price, depending on the amount of dollar to naira at your time of purchase. Trust us we are here to serve you better


  • You have send the amount of bitcoin you need
  • Your Wallet Address
  • Request for account number.
  • Within 5 hours of sending the money, your wallet will be credited.
  • All to 09037566876 or you whatsApp us.
How To Sell Bitcoin To Us

To sell bitcoin is very simple,

Contact us

Tell us the amount of bitcoin you want to sell

We will show you the wallet address to send it to

Send the bitcoin, once the bitcoin is received, your money will be sent.


How Do I Know I Have Been Credited

Login to your wallet account, at the top right side you will see it, then click on receive to copy your new wallet address.

How To Send Or Receive Bitcoin.

Login in to your wallet account,

click on send, then type in the receivers wallet address.

The amount of bitcoin,

Automatically the amount will show in dollars. Finally click on send.

You only click on receive to copy new wallet address to make new transactions.

NOTE : If its online business, screenshot your successful payment picture to prove that you paid this amount on so so day.

How Do I Make Money With Bitcoin

I love this question, there are so many ways of making money with bitcoin, it is one of the most recognized online currency. You can join zarfund, MMM United and so many which engages in bitcoin where you get 90% of your investment. May you start with 0.03BTC before the month runs out you have made 0.027BTC plus your 0.03BTC totaling 0.057BTC, you see you have made a gain. some companies double your bitcoin within hours of investment.

Below is the comment box if need more clarifications as regards to our topic here, or you need to ask questions. Drop it here we will reply you.

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